Friday, October 3, 2014

Dress Like the Duchess: Centime Gifts & Brooks Brothers

As usual, we are overdue for a Dress Like the Duchess segment. On Wednesday, we chatted about signet rings and what I suppose could be termed identity rings. Essentially, jewelry that makes a statement and has a little more individual meaning than your favorite chunky necklace from Banana Republic. (Nothing wrong with those!) One of my favorite pieces of Kate's jewelry is her cipher bracelet from Camilla.

Do you remember it? It was an engagement/wedding gift from Camilla to Kate. One one side is Kate's royal cipher, a swirling C, and on the other side of the disc is Camilla's, a more spartan C surrounded by a circle. I thought it was a very sweet gesture welcoming Kate to the family, and beyond that I just loved it as a piece of jewelry. I think it had its best outing when Kate wore it to the Irish Guards wearing the blue McQueen and the gold shamrock pin that coordinated so beautifully with the bracelet.

Although we haven't seen it in a while, Kate wore the bracelet often throughout the first year of her marriage:

Recently, I have been introduced to Centime Gifts and some very fun repliKates. Ginny and Andrea are two ladies who loved the idea of personalized gifts, but didn't love the cost attached to customized items. So, they started their own little business crafting dainty, hand-made pieces in the perfect price-range for gift-giving, or a little treat for yourself. It turns out the Centime ladies are also big fans of Kate the Great, and so they make several repliKates of her jewelry, including the cipher bracelet.

Centime Gifts

Kate's cipher bracelet is rather sturdy looking, while Centime's piece is self-described as delicate, but priced at $59.00, it beautifully balances affordability and quality. I found it a well-done tribute to the Duchess's style and wear my little JB bracelet to celebrate this space.  The fun doesn't stop with the cipher bracelet, Centime also make a pendant inspired by Kate's Asprey necklace.

Centime Gifts
Centime also offers the Asprey replica pendant with a chain included.

Centime also carries personalized art, a great idea for Christmas gift-giving that will save you loads of time Googling "unique gifts" and wondering how the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" always ends the worst after fruitless hours of shopping... Lastly, this October, they are highlighting a necklace for breast cancer sufferers and survivors. 

Centime graciously offered a 20% discount, valid through November 15th, on all orders using the checkout code "HRHKate."

One last item on the docket today, for Dress Like the Duchess... if you want to recreate Kate's Hope House appearance, Brooks Brothers currently has in stock a lovely wrap dress that is a fabulous alternative to Kate's grey Max Mara.

And that, all y'all, is all.
Have a fabulous weekend!

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